I’ve been a part of a community-based volunteer organizational structure at festivals several times, but never at a conference.
It worked great – there was a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and everyone looked after each other very well. For many it was also important to network third parties with each other- to form common fronts.
The topic of the fair is certainly unwieldy for many, but the demands are clear: “Digitalization must be put more at the service of society and social and ecological change” You could tell that many people are concerned with a larger, but also complicated issue.
The lectures and workshops were great, unfortunately you often had to choose between several. Luckily there was a huge team that digitized the lectures (link below).
I met a lot of interesting people who are on fire for what they do. Their work of non-profit NGO’s is so very important and needs much more attention. This perception has validated us as Solderpunks in what we do. We are very right on the topic of outreach and education. Feel free to check out the initiatives or presentations that participated in the conference:



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